Projekt Angelcam, který se zabývá zabezpečením domácností, jsme přebrali ze správy jiné firmy a od té doby ho udržujeme. Angelcam dostal nové notifikace v aplikaci, které informují uživatele v reálném čase v případě poplachu.


2018 - now




Android, iOS

Integration and Synchronization of Typepad blog, Facebook and YouTube

Content publishing, presentation, and management are now smooth and easy.  All the relevant information is in one place and updated in real-time.

Applying for Events

To apply for a public event at PwC is really easy, you only have to tap the app a couple of times.

Notification System

Newly implemented notifications keep the user up to date at all times. Complex information is well-structured and easy to understand.

Application Works Offline

News, events, contacts or vacancies are always at hand – even without an internet connection.

We helped the stars rating grow in Google Play and the


We complied with and creatively applied PwC Design

“We are very satisfied with the application, which has received a lot of
positive feedback.”

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