When we took the application Fajn-brigády.cz (a job portal) over from another company, we had to quickly solve performance problems as well as problems with the reliability of the mobile app backend. Nowadays, we are working on more features and optimization based on data and product analytics.

  • Realizace 2019 - now
  • Klient fajn-brigády.cz
  • Platformy Web, Android, iOS

In the cooperation with the SKOUMAL studio, I really appreciate the personal involvement of the entire team in the project, their suggestions for improvement, and the overall approach. The team works as if it were making an application for themselves.

fajn-brigady.cz web

Web app stabilization

When taking over the project, we had to quickly solve the frequent outages of the web backend of mobile applications. We have solved performance and reliability issues.

web app monitoring fajn.brigady.cz

Web app monitoring

We set up monitoring and backup of the web backend to be informed of a possible outage and for the data to be safe.

fajn brigady mobile app

Further development of mobile applications

We’ve added many customizations into the mobile app that make the user experience more enjoyable and also improve conversions.

fajn brigady new mobile app interface

Design of a new user interface

Together with the client and end-users, we have prepared a new user interface that better meets the objectives of the project.


You can read the case study on our blog.