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What to do if it doesn’t go smoothly? We have started with software development consulting in order to answer any questions you might have about software development from ideas to successful projects.


How can we assist you?


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Application analytics, wireframes, testing, analytics

Do not repeat the biggest mistakes of mobile app development again. Do not be afraid to contact us with anything that includes software development:

  • the first analysis
  • wireframes
  • the preparation of a user-friendly interface
  • performance optimization
  • software project management (project management)
  • analytics

The right project planning, technical solutions, analysis, testing, and analytics might save you hours and thousands of dollars.

Software development and consulting for Android

Does your Android development team have a problem that they struggle to solve? Are you working tirelessly on projects but there is no more strength left for innovation? Would you like an independent check of code consistency and clarity?

During software consultation for Android, we can improve

  • processes in various phases of Android development
  • increase developer skills and competencies
  • streamline testing and deployment
  • help with Android SDK development
  • build Android application architecture
  • share best practices
  • review Android user interface design and implementation for phones and tablets
  • publish your app on Google Play or help with continuous integration



Software development and consulting for iOS

During iOS consultation, we can work together to improve the processes in each phase of iOS development, increase the skills and competencies of iOS developers, help with testing and deployment to the AppStore, and more. Best practices and methodologies of iOS software engineering and computer science include:

  • SOLID principles
  • business code protection
  • Test Driven Development
  • Clean Architecture and Clean Code
  • Abstraction
  • Design Patterns
  • Dependency Injection
  • Modularity and more.

We know that the above principles are not trivial and that is why we are able to mentor and consult on specific topics.



Two heads are better than one. Software development consulting can help you pick up your team and business.

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