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The Flashcard maker app Vocabulary Miner by Czech SKOUMAL Studio helps memorize vocabulary that the user really needs. Now, topical Word lists tailored to the needs of expats and travelers are available in 12 languages. Users can effectively learn Czech ...

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  Have you ever felt like Google Play is discriminating against your app? You are not alone. What is the real problem? Google Play was re-branded from Android Market a few years back. Many features have been redone, removed or added since then, but things like rating stay ...

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The Czech vocabulary-building app Vocabulary Miner created by studio SKOUMAL is based on the popular Flashcard System enriched with interactive elements. Currently, it provides an open database of more than 2000 miscellaneous packages for hundreds of customers and newly ...

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You have finally managed to earn money with your app published in Google Play. Payout money is already in your account… Yet, if you are from Europe, you probably (should) struggle to get it right bureaucratically. Most of the European legal systems require to issue an invoice ...

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