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Application analytics, wireframes, testing

Do not repeat the biggest mistakes of mobile app development again.

The right project planning, technical solutions, analysis, and testing might save you hours and thousands of dollars.

App development for iOS, Android, and web

Native app development for iOS and Android is our truest passion.

Web development is something we are good at, too.

Mobile app analytics

Mobile app analytics is a gateway to data-driven business decisions.

With Firebase you don’t just guess and hope, but you handle the project using numbers.

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Are you running a software project and it stalls? Are you unsure of your goals and right technologies, is your project architecture too complicated?

You don’t have to fix it all alone. How can we assist? Book a consultation.

Let us tune your app idea up to perfection.

Our clients

We don’t mess around, we perfect your ideas

Vladislav Skoumal


Project & Product Manager Engineer

“The point man in mobile app business”
Jan Hanzelka


Data Analyst & Researcher

“The right-hand man in the business”
Libor Polehňa skoumal


Software Engineer

“Our temperamental iOS brain box"”


Marketing Explorer & Team Support

"Team's go-to multipotentialite"
Viktor DePasquale


Android Engineer

"Our thoughtful Android addict"
Karel Patlejch skoumal


Android Developer

"Our iron-willed Android wizzkid"
Jan Kotráš Skoumal


Back-end Developer

"On-call backend devotee"
Viktoia Sikorčinová


Software Tester

"Our frank detail seeker"


Android Developer

"Technically inquisitive mind"


Sales and Marketing Icebreaker

"Addicted to communication"

... and others

Instead of great success we have experienced great entrepreneurship lessons (for now). It also transformed me, a person who has never worked in IT before, into the app project/product manager. I once took part in a workshop, which encouraged people to invest in their idea and start ...

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In order to allow our CI server to deploy applications on Google Play automatically, we have to generate the JSON key. This whole process has three parts: Create a Service account Generate the key Grant access to our key Thanks to this key, we can quickly deploy applications ...

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Listed among the best app developers in the Czech Republic, we’re excited to announce that we’ve won a 2019 Clutch leader award!   Known best as the leading platform for ratings of B2B service providers, Clutch reviews help businesses connect with the best-fit agency ...

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[caption id="attachment_2730" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Photo by Farzad Nazifi on Unsplash[/caption]   Every Android app has its unique identifier called applicationId and you have to choose it wisely because it cannot be changed later. Here are two main reasons ...

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