5 wrong reasons why your business “needs” a mobile app

29. 11. 2018

Maybe you wouldn’t say so, but we often talk customers out of wanting an app for their business. Sure, it is not in our economic interests, yet our mission is to help customers not to just take their money. Find below the reasons why your business actually might not need an app. If you think about a mobile app for the following reasons, buy yourself a nice vacation instead. Or at least give it a second thought.

1. It’s cool!

Mobile apps were super-cool like a year after Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone with AppStore. It was 2008. IPhone 3G  was considered an amazing and progressive gadget. Everyone was so amazed by a couple of hundreds of apps ready to be installed right on your iPhone from AppStore. 2008 was also the moment when it stopped being super-cool and special. Microsoft Store followed among many else.

In 2018, there are 2.1 million iOS apps in AppStore and 3.5 million Android apps in Google Play. The market is pretty saturated, the hunger for apps is tamed. Good apps are still cool, but that is also applicable for any good project.

2. I will get rich in a blink of an eye

If you think you invest some ten thousands and in a year you buy your first Tesla, you better bet on horse racing or buy cryptocurrencies. The chance of profit would be much higher. The mobile app competition is tough and you have to either spend years earning your place in the sun, to put loads of money into marketing or to offer a really useful and well-thought-out product.

Mobile apps can certainly earn you money, yet you have to build your great product gradually. It takes time, money, know-how, team, passion and (last but not least) luck.

3. Mobile app is a must

Working on your product does not necessarily mean you have to complement it with a mobile app. Mobile phones are in every pocket, however, the mobile app for your product might not be the right choice. Analyze and invest rather to Minimum viable product or marketing. If your product works and you have money left, let’s make the app.

4. Mobile web is not good enough

Every mobile platform (iOS, Android) will cost you the same as a mobile web interface. Your costs get tripled. Once you have your mobile web, sometimes you don’t have to “want it all”. Satisfied with the web? Now you dream about an app? Think about whether you also need it.   

If your business is anchored in an app, go ahead. Let’s develop your app.

5. I have an amazing idea (only)

You can surely do business without a great idea. You simply become a competition to some marketed product. However, only the great idea is not enough for business. What matters is how you bring it to reality. Do you have an idea? You need money to process the idea into something “touchable”. You need money also to turn your idea into an app.


Take into consideration these reasons. If you stick with your idea let us know. We will gladly take your challenge as we took these.

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