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The Studio SKOUMAL, a mobile application developer, have presented a simple tool to expand your vocabulary. The app Vocabulary Miner is suitable for iOS and Android and you can improve any foreign language. The principle of learning is similar to the manually written paper cards, but what is more the app has a reminder which will remind you to start practicing.

The app only focuses on the improvement of your vocabulary and this task is done the easiest way. “I was looking for an app to improve my vocabulary which I came across while reading English literature. I didn´t find anything which I would have liked and which would have been easy to use,” says Vláďa Skouma, the CEO of the company. It is easy to add vocabulary to the app and you learn new vocabulary by going through flashcards from three decks according to their priority.

The vocabulary is organized to decks of cards and you choose the deck of cards you want to practice. This method can prepare you for an exam as well as a business meeting when you need to learn some specific vocabulary. “The next step is to create a shop where users can download packages created by other users,” reveals Tadeáš Sosín, the author of the idea of Vocabulary Miner and Android App programmer.

The app is suitable also for those who like learning in other languages too. You can create packages for more languages and you can switch between them. You have also the option to back up the changes you do to the Vocabulary Miner server and you can synchronize the flashcards among more devices. If you lose your phone or when you are using phone and tablet at the same time, you can have your vocabulary flashcards with you.

Main functions:

– Multiple language choice

– Possibility to add your own flashcards

– Choice of vocabulary according to your knowledge

– Pronunciation

– Synchronization among more devices

– Back up on the server

– Working offline

– Optimized for Android and iOS

– Working for tablets with Android and iOS

Price and availability

Free in the AppStore and Google Play

Available languages

You can add whatever language you want. The app is translated into Czech, English, German, French and Spanish.


Mobile application (iOS) (Android)

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