22 Android developers on Twitter who improve your 2019 Android skills

08. 03. 2021


Twitter can definitely educate the Android Developer you are. It is as easy as to follow the right people and then just checking their regular insights in your feed. 

The only thing that remains is how to choose the right people.  And we can try to help you with that. With the help of our Android developers, we’ve put together THE list.

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We have chosen only active accounts of famous devs you shouldn’t miss out on and even not-so-famous ones worth of your feed. 

Why did we choose these names? Because these all-around-world Android developers are not only experts but super complex human beings.

They also:

a) do public speaking

b) volunteer in e.g. the Peace Corps

c) create hackathons for children

d) are self-taught programmers

e) and support the community.

Important thing is, you’ll have your daily supply of what’s new in very immense Android universe only by following these people.

List of Twitter accounts of Android dev definitely worth checking out



Juhani Lehtimäki @lehtimaeki

Android Lead at @snappmobile_io

If you want to read more by @lehtimaeki check his Medium blog: Android UI Patterns.



Kseniia Shumelchyk @KseniiaS

Developer Advocate at @Google

@KseniiaS is also a manager for the Ukrainian branch of @Womentechmakers supporting women to join the industry.


Rebecca Franks @riggaroo

Senior Android Engineer at the design graphic app Over

@riggaroo is also a volunteer Android Developer at non-profit organization Book Dash which creates free African storybooks for everyone.


Meghan Mehta @adressyengineer

Developer Advocate at @Google

Among a lot of public speaking and coding, @adressyengineer takes care of marketing for @violet_society– startup sisterhood for future founders.


Dan Lew @danlew42

Software Developer at @Trello

Member of Technical Staff at @Atlassian

@danlew42 shares a lot of personal insights and enlarges also on Android coding on his blog.

 We, at SKOUMAL, share Dan’s passion for Trello, too. Trello is actually how we get work done.

Lyla Fujiwara @CeruleanOtter

Android Developer Advocate at @Google

@CeruleanOtter used to teach computer science for Peace Corps in Rwanda, worked for Udacity, and now she is a Noogler, newbie at Google.


Amit Shekhar @amitiitbhu

Co-Founder at @MindOrks

@amitiitbhu’s article on how he transformed himself into a software engineer was among the top Medium featured stories.


Sean McQuillan @objcode

Android Developer at @Google

@objcode is also involved in a kid’s self-directed hackathon for future hackers.


Zarah Dominguez @zarahjutz

Android Developer at WooliesX

On her blog on Android coding, @zarahjutz calls herself a baking noob having Android love affair.


Valera Zakharov @valera_zakharov

Staff Engineer at @SlackHQ

Before Slack, @valera_zakharov used to work at Google and Microsoft.


Joanna Smith @dontmesswithjo

Developer Advocate for @gsuite, @Google

@dontmesswithjo is a devoted advocate for GSuite, presenting her Android coding on her Medium blog.


Reto Meier @retomeier

Head of Scalable Developer Advocacy at @Google

@retomeier is not only an Android Professional, but he has also written a series of books on Professional Android.


Nick Butcher @crafty

UX Manager and Developer Advocate at @Google

@crafty is also heavily followed on GitHub.


Yiğit Boyar @yigitboyar

Staff Software Engineer at @Google, currently working on Android UI Toolkit

According to his blog with 7 articles written in 4 years, @yigitboyar hates waiting or doing nothing. He is probably up to something and therefore not writing the blog. Anyway, he is much more active on his Twitter.


Huyen Tue Dao @queencodemonkey 

@Google Developer Expert for Android, Member of Technical Staff at @Atlassian

@queencodemonkey co-created YouTube channel for Android Community.


Jeroen Mols @molsjeroen

Lead Android Developer at @PhilipsHueDev

@molsjeroen is also @Google Developer Expert for Android*. In 2017, his Android blog was the 12th most influential Android blog worldwide. 

*an individual recognized by Google for their tech knowledge and skills

Florina Muntenescu @FMuntenescu

Android Developer Advocate at @Google

@FMuntenescu advocates also on her blog.


Kristin Marsicano @kristinmars

Senior Engineering Manager at @bignerdranch

@kristinmars has also co-written the book Android Programming


Ian Lake @ianhlake

Software Engineer working on the Android UI Toolkit team at @Google

@ianhlake used to work at Facebook and Boeing.


Chiu-Ki Chan @chiuki

runs her own development company

@chiuki had been working at @Google for 6 years, now she is a Developer Expert for Android, a co-producer of Youtube channel AndroidDialogs and also a devoted public speaker on Android issues. If you love reading more personalized stuff, check out her blog.


Annyce Davis @brwngrldev

Software Group Lead at @ZOLAElectric

@brwngrldev also belongs among Android @Google Developer Experts, creating videos, blog posts, and conference talks for the Developers Community. She worked in The Washington Post and is a passionate public speaker and traveler. 


Kaan Mamikoglu @kaanmamikoglu

Software Engineer at @Facebook 

@kaanmamikoglu is not only a @Google Developer Expert for Firebase but also an international speaker and traveler.


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