Twitter is there to enhance your Android skills. How? 140 or fewer characters written by the distinguished Android programmers can reveal some daily hacks.

Just follow the right people and get your feed updated with Android insights.

We put together a list of the world-known 22 Android experts on Twitter who improve your 2019 Android skills.

However, if you are from the Czech Republic or Slovakia, you can be also motivated by your local Slovak and Czech Android heroes.

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Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels


They are not as active and as popular as the world-known ones, but we believe it is a good idea to have your eye at least on these Slovak and Czech Android experts. They often contribute to the Android community.

List of Slovak and Czech Android developers worth of your time

Twitter profile photo by Lukas Stefanko, Malware Researcher at ESET,

Lukas Stefanko‏ @LukasStefanko

Slovak Malware Researcher at @ESET


@LukasStefanko has published over 58 posts about Android malware, disclosed insecure and malicious apps on Google Play Store and many more on his Twitter profile.



Instagram account photo of Daniel Novak, Android developer at inloopx

Daniel Novak‏ @NovakDaniel

Slovak Android developer & co-founder @INLOOPX


@NovakDaniel writes not only to feed your Twitter but also for Avast Engineering Medium blog.



Instagram account photo of David Vávra, Google Developer Expert, and his cover photo with him speaking in public

David Vávra‏ @vavradav

Czech Founder & CEO at @StepUpLabs


@vavradav is also Lead Android Developer on Project AirBank Germany

and has under his wings the app @settle_up for settling the group expenses. 



Instagram account photo of Ondřej Čermák, Android developer at Avast, smiling and his cover photo of nature

Ondřej Čermák‏ @cermak_cz

Czech Android developer at @avast_antivirus







Instagram account photo with Tomas Krypta, Android developer

Tomáš Krypta‏ @TomasKrypta

Principal Android Engineer at @wultra


When Tomáš joined Wultra, they wrote on their Medium Blog: “Tomáš is one of the top experts on the Android platform in the Czech republic. He is even a frequent speaker at mobile conferences and shares his knowledge with the community.” 

This Twitter list of Slovak and Czech Android developers is a part of our onboarding recommendation for new Android devs along with these two articles:

22 Android experts on Twitter who improve your 2019 Android skills 

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