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We’ve all been there,… reducing the number of overdraws or customizing image with little to none external libraries. This modern twist to this (and this) age-old article will surely help you with that.

I’ve managed to rewrite the example code in Kotlin so it’s far more readable than Java-stic code and you can understand what is really going on just by glancing over it.

bitmap programming

It is however backward compatible with Java, don’t you worry! It utilizes simple builder which gets you to set up quickly and you’ll get things done with just a few lines.

This is how it works:

  1. After you create the instance of DrawingConfig, it automatically sets default values to avoid nullability issues.
  2. You just set your paint, text and a background and call draw() , it spits out Bitmap with text on top of it just like a magic spell.
  3. (Non-mandatory step) You can adjust how the text is painted or even add own layout with some other content by calling draw {} , it gives you the instance of current DrawingValues and you are free to position the text wherever you like.

No further delay, here’s the code!

Whenever you feel like you would do something better, ping me in comments so others don’t do the same mistakes by copy-pasting this code.


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You’re on top of the game. Thanks for shgarni.

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