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01. 02. 2021

Right from the beginning, we have to be totally honest and clear. The jobs at us are not fitting for everyone. We are looking for people keen to take the world further with technology. We are strong believers in freedom, yet reliability, flat hierarchy yet careful attitude, and no rigidity, yet without anarchy.

Check out for yourself WHY(s) we joined this team for, and our blog where you can have a sneak peek into who we are and what we do.

SO…who are we actually looking for:

If you keep the Android Robot close to your heart, regardless of your skills and experience, read further!


We are looking for a colleague who fell in love with Apple. Are you one? Let us know.


10 Entrepreneurship Lessons Worth Thousands of Dollars

Instead of great success we have experienced great entrepreneurship lessons (for now). It also transformed me, a person who has …

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Unique Czech words reflecting coronavirus now also with English explanations as Flashcard quiz in Vocabulary Miner

  Project Čestina 2.0 covering a variety of the modern Czech language with its slangs and new words has joined …

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Performance of built-in higher-order functions Map, Filter, Reduce, and flatMap vs. for-in loop in Swift

  The most popular higher-order functions are map, filter, and reduce. We all use them since we think that syntax …

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Generate JSON key for Google Play deployment

In order to allow our CI server to deploy applications on Google Play automatically, we have to generate the JSON …

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