iOS Dev

29. 11. 2018

Integromat, BudgetBackers, TheTouch, and many more startups trusted us with their mobile apps.

What will be your job?

Now we are looking for a new colleague to our iOS team that will help us to take as much care of mobile apps as they were his/her very own.  

If you feel tempted by startup company attitudes and atmospheres, if you are lured by the possibility to work on a mobile app interconnected with hardware or on a mobile app that enables people to watch TV, read further.  


App users are at the centre 

In the heart of our apps, you always find the app users. We intensively map their needs, design intuitive controls and user test products. That’s how our alpha version of a final product is made. Consequently, a graphic designer forms the interface for the app. We know that a good assignment and specification are crucial for your work. We put quite an effort into it. 

What do you get if you join us?

Development as it should be

We are not trying to assemble the app pieces together just for the sake of good  customer’s money and forget the job. We believe that the right attitude is to improve from day to day, to study new technologies, new ways to make better apps for users, to tinker with app architecture, to build on continuous integration and other news. 

Community sharing

Other developers are not our competition. They are the inspiration. They motivate us to get better, to look on things from different perspective. We want be also the part of a sharing community, to spread word and improve the field. Therefore we publishbroadcast and meet people.  In short, we would like to give back at least a part of what we take from the field.

Space-time flexibility

The part of our company culture is to work whenever and wherever but at least for a half time. Our team is competent and the atmosphere is really, really loose ????

“What are we looking for in you?”

If experienced and skilled in iOS development – GREAT! If not, we can handle your junior skills and let them grow.

We are not looking for shiny CVs as long as Christmas wish list, but for determination, reliability and enthusiasm to improve. We are not fans of rigid rules who you should be.

We count on your need to self-improve yourself from day to day and watch closely what’s going on in the field. English is necessary to keep you ahead of competition.

Are you interested? Let us know why at and join us. If you attach your CV, we will be glad. If you rather feel like writing a short story why our cooperation could work and who you are, we are so in. 


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