The WHY(s) we are part of this team

10. 10. 2019


We put together reasons we joined this team for. If it rings a bell with you, maybe we’ll be off (with you on board) to develop something phenomenal.

Total freedom of when, where, how and why

It is our mission to deliver the app to the customer without lame excuses. We are not a company where you sit in the open-space from 9 AM to 5 PM, checking Youtube, Facebook, and your watch every ten minutes and then rushing to get home. We deem results more important than your “presence”.

IT team working

We work when we feel like it – in a natural rhythm rather than in a life-work balance. Some of us get up at 6 AM because they take children to school and are in the office before 8 AM. Others like to sleep in and start working right after having brunch. Many work home-office from different cities and we all meet together on meetings, workshops, conferences and teambuildings.

We try to do some kick-ass work, not out of existential necessity, but out of passion and also to find enough time to live a life we can enjoy.

Finding a solution rather than throwing stones

Sometimes something gets broken, fails and the weight of the entire world is on your shoulders. So, the team puts heads together and explores the way out.  Finger-pointing won’t help  neither cutting bonuses off nor sending the delinquent to Siberia for retraining. It won’t turn back time. It is crucial to rather find out reasons why it happened and if possible to come up with a systemic solution to avoid making the same mistake twice.

Discussions, discussions and discussions again

We got used to discussing a lot. There is no God-like manager imposing his will upon the rest. It is never too late to discuss the decisions within the team. However, our system does not support direct democracy where everybody has a say in everything. The point is to let people speak up when they have the knowledge to step in with or a serious doubt to share.

Becoming better selves every day

The world is changing and so should we to keep up. That’s why we experiment with new technologies and tend to automate repetitive duties.

Giving and receiving constructive feedback

“Feedback is a present, it is for free and it can be amazingly useful,” says Viki in 2fresh talk. Following three questions have become an integral part of all our meetings:

  • What should we keep doing?
  • What should we stop doing?
  • What should we start doing?

Simultaneously with answering these three questions, we have learnt to openly discuss any problems. Not everything can be smoothed out but it is only fair to explain to everybody why we haven’t found any solution yet. Thanks to that, anyone can have their try and solve it.   

Sharing is caring

We share. We share because we live in the 21st century. In the Information Age. We consume daily many open-source projects, articles and publications. Therefore, we fancy sharing quality information further and also adding something up.

Our know-how is published on our blog, in our Insight videos and we also work hard on our own open-source projects.

We want to enjoy it!


We want to enjoy it!

We believe that how happy you live your life reflects also in your job. Customers can feel the difference between a must and a passion. If there is a project we do not “feel right” about, we politely decline it. Similarly, the team members are looking for their place within the team – some like to develop and some like to manage projects. Others mix up their roles in the team and try what makes them tick. We prefer a natural way to find out what people love to do rather than rigid boxes to put people in.


If you would like to hop on board with us, do not hesitate and contact us at

We tend to look for iOS or/and Android dev, but there are also chances we would like to hire a project manager or a tester.
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